Tucson Adult Soccer League

Summer 2024 Coed player registration


Welcome to the 2024 Summer 7v7 Season


This registration session will allow you to sign up for participation, and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.

  • Coed league plays on Friday nights at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm. and 9pm
  • Games will be small sided games played at Naranja park in Oro Valley.
  • Season will start on June 14 and is 6 weeks long.
  • There are a few extra weeks available in case of rain outs. Season will end by Aug 30th no matter what.
  • Coed games are 7v7 with 3 males and 3 females on the field +Goal Keeper (either gender).
  • Coed league for the summer season is $70 for an 6 week season (6 games scheduled between 6/14-8/30)

Warning about Summer season;

Remember summertime in Tucson is monsoon season. TASL will schedule teams 6 games. If any games are rained out or cancelled due to rain TASL will do everything they can to ensure your team plays 6 games by scheduling make ups all the way up to Aug 30. However if by Aug 30 any rescheduled games have not been played the season must end so that the fall season can start on time weather or not your team has actually played 6 games.  There are 4 extra weeks worked into the game schedule to allow for make up games. If after these 4 dates have been exhausted, the season will end as is. 

Why is summer season at Naranja and 7v7 instead of 11v11?

Most fields in Tucson close down for the summer so that the summer grass can grow in. All the different field entities have different dates that their fields close but most are from June-Aug, making it impossible to schedule a season. TASL has been able to secure fields at Naranja in Oro Valley the last few years, since they are the only entity that keeps their fields open in the summer. They close 1-2 fields at a time and keep the others open so they can rotate users around the fields. The good thing about Naranja is that they just built 2 more fields. They used to have 4 but now they have 6 and they have  2 more slated for next year, bringing their total up to 8 fields in the future. TASL has to run small sided games for the summer to allow more teams to play. With only 2-4 fields available total in the summer more games can be played in the small sided game format. Often teams suffer for numbers on their rosters due to summer travels. So smaller rosters make it possible for more teams to participate during the busy summer months.

TASL Mission Statement

The Tucson Adult Soccer League (TASL) exists for the purpose of providing a safe, fun, and fair soccer league for the participants and their families. We expect our league members to act in a positive, friendly, and sporting manner. TASL in turn provides both an Administration and Referees who understand and abide by these principles and ensure that violations of these principles are addressed and resolved.


General Information

The league is composed of 4 divisions; Recreational, Beginning , Intermediate and Advanced; mainly based on the skill level of each team. Teams may be assigned to different divisions during the season based on their game results.


Physical play is allowed in A and B division

*TASL's "Good Sportsmanship program" pertains to all divisions

Coed Division A - ADVANCED Skill Level

Coed Division B - INTERMEDIATE Skill Level

Coed Division C - Novice or BEGINNING Skill Level

Coed Division D - RECREATIONAL division: 

  • This is the flagship division of TASL and our main focus of providing a safe, fair, and fun soccer league for our participants and their families.
  • Play mostly just for fun - the score really doesn’t matter
  • Limited player contact - light challenges for the ball
  • Respectful, friendly play required
  • Higher expectations on sportsmanship displayed by teams and individuals
  • League official can be present to observe and evaluate compliance of all present in this division
  • Teams and/or individuals who cannot comply with these strict standards will be moved to another division
  • Teams that maintain an average 10 sportsmanship points for the season can win the Team Sportsmanship Award


Games are generally held on Friday nights, and are 75 minutes long with 35 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime. Players are required to check in with ID at the field with a league official prior to each game. Acceptable forms of ID are described in the Rules and Regulations. Players not having the proper form if ID will not be allowed to play. Additionally, players not listed on the printed roster sheets are not eligible to play in that match.

Free Agent players

If you are a player who does not have a team to join you may still register as a Free Agent and be placed on a team. You can decide which division you would like to register for and sign up as a Free Agent in that division. You will be contacted by either text or email to communicate with you about team placement. If you are not placed on a team you can receive a refund for your registration fees. You must be completely registered before you will be placed on a team.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about openings before you register, you may contact taslregistrar1@gmail.com


Please direct any registration questions to: taslregistrar1@gmail.com

TASL Registrar